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Climbing Wutong Mountain
On October 31st, 2014,  Kelvin office staff  went to  climb Wutong Montain-the highest hill in Shenzhen, led by CEO Steven and manager Jack.
At the early morning, the mountaineering started with cheers and laughter.  A  couple of hours later, we were still in great spirit while
tiredness and hotness were also getting stronger. Encouragement of words and expressions begain to spread among us and all got 
determined that we must get to arrive at the peak no matter what it takes.
Where there's a will there's a way, all of us finally got to stand on the top of the mountain after a half day's struggle and striving.
We strolled around the mountain, played amused games and took lots of pictures, totally immersed ourselves in the spectacular natural landscape
On the peak, Steven and Jack hosted a kick-off meeting in which all staff yelled out their dreams for the year of 2014 with confidence and determination.
To a great extent, climbing is just as equal as the process of dealing with clients.  It is filled with obstacles all the way alone and at times 
we are upset faced with complains and difficulties, but we will try best to offer you a agreeable experience working with us and make our business a success.
We are from kelvin and keep "kelvin philosophy" in mind all the time, that is health, happiness, gratitude and sharing.