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KMG Canada is now officially the North America partner

                              Announcing a new Kelvin partner   

                                                                                                                                                                          October 15, 2014

After years of solid business relationship,   KMG Canada  is now officially the North America partner promoting Kelvin  E-Cig  Lines.

The announcement is the latest step in a series of collaborations between Kelvin and KMG to become the premier supplier of both OEM brands of Ecig products as well as our own innovative house developments.

KMG CANADA address: 1800 Blvd., Corbusier, Suite 110, Laval, Canada   
Tel:  1-514-993-8504     
Attention:Nathalie Demers

        "We are of the opinion that product manufacturing can no longer take place with only the conventional prerequisites of function and form. We must now seek to instill a new element which will evoke great emotion."   

                                                                     Neal Malani - Managing Director of KMG Group.